Insight on Assisted Docking Systems for Your Motorboat

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Are you thinking of purchasing a speedboat or powerboat? They are the perfect solution if you are enthusiastic about marine sports and recreation. However, many considerations often come into play when it comes to choosing the right one. With many of these designed for different marine recreational applications, it's not always straightforward to find one that suits your needs, budget, etc. Therefore, you must evaluate certain things to narrow down your options.

One of the most significant things to look at, particularly in the advancing world of technology, is automation. And here's where assisted docking systems come in handy. These systems allow for easy and safe docking and make it easier to manoeuvre your motorboat in tight spaces and all kinds of winds and currents. But before you consider an assisted docking system for your boat, here is all you need to know.

Straight Line Movement

The assisted docking system usually comes with a joystick that allows you to control your boat's speed and path. That means you can push the joystick forward, and the boat will maintain the straight path until you shift the joystick in a different direction. Worth noting is that this usually works with any existing winds and currents. That means you can easily re-join your friends and family for recreation activities on your boat when you are in clear straight path waters.


You may want to stand still at a certain point while you are out in the waters to take pictures, enjoy the beautiful scenery, etc. However, the ability to rotate around a fixed position would make the experience even more fun. Assisted docking allows for this. All you need to do is twist the joystick to turn your boat in small increments in the twist's direction. It's imperative to understand that the ability to turn your boat in minimal increments also enhances alignment, which is crucial for navigation and docking in particular.

Side Push Ability

Ease of docking is perhaps the most significant advantage of assisted docking systems. Manual docking isn't always easy, particularly if you're working against winds and currents. Assisted docking systems come with a side push feature that allows you to dock sideways. All you need to do is push the joystick on your boat to the side to activate the sideways docking feature. This makes it easier to not only dock in strong winds and currents but helps maintain the position of your boat against the dock when you're letting off your friends, family members, colleagues, etc. after an afternoon of having fun on the waters.

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